PENNY DREADFUL: Timothy Dalton joins Hartnett and Green.

Things are starting to come together for PENNY DREADFUL, the forthcoming horror/creeper series from Showtime.

Timothy Dalton (James Bond…duh) has come on board. He will play “Sir Malcolm,” a hardened African explorer on a deeply personal quest. He joins Josh Harnett (THE FACULTY, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN) and Eva Green (THE DREAMERS, CASINO ROYALE). Hatnett will play Ethan Chandler, who is described as a “charming and brash” American of “action and daring.” Green is slated to play Vanessa is “enigmatic with haunted eyes.” Hartnett and Green will appear in multiple episodes, but the size and scoop of Dalton’s Sir Malcoln is not known.

PENNY DREADFUL will consist of eight episodes, the first two will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE, THE IMPOSSIBLE). The series will also feature characters from Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and Dracula, all set in Victorian England.