Pet Spolight: Christa Faust and Butch McGee

Name: Butch McGee
Breed: Boston Terrier
Age: 10

How did he come into your life?

He was bought and then dumped by people who suddenly decided they were allergic. Their loss was my gain.

How has your life changed with him in it?

I was kind of a vagabond before I got him. Ready to take off wherever at a moments notice. I became more of a homebody because of him and, coincidentally or not, spending more time at my desk translated into getting more serious about my writing and subsequently making my bones as a pro.

Any bad habits/odd behavior?

He’s always been amazingly well-behaved, though he’s become less tolerant of other dogs in his old age. Kind of like me getting less tolerant of other people, I guess. I’d rather be with him and he’d rather be with me.

He’s been through some rough times, healthwise, including a mysterious auto-immune related issue that caused his eyes and brain to swell up. I really though I was gonna lose him, but my readers and fans all pitched in to pay for the insanely expensive diagnostics he needed, like an MRI and spinal tap (!) and in the end he pulled through. He’s on meds for life because of it but happy and doing well. I’m just glad he’s still with me.


Christa Faust grew up in New York City, in the Bronx and Hell’s Kitchen. She’s been making stuff up her whole life, and spent most of her teen years on endless subway rides, cutting school and scribbling stories.

After High School finally had enough of her, she worked in the Times Square peep booths and later as a fetish model and professional Dominatrix.

She sold her first short story when she moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s. After nearly 20 years in her beloved adopted city, she still considers herself an expat rather than a native.

Christa’s an avid reader and collector of vintage paperbacks, a Film Noir enthusiast and a Tattooed Lady. She writes primarily Hardboiled crime fiction, but also does work-for-hire media tie in novels. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook. For more about her, check out her website.