Pet spotlight: Alafair Burke and The Duffer.

Starting today, every Monday will feature a different pet from within the world of crime. Folks interested in taking part should contact me at jeremy AT

To kick things off, we have Duffer Burke. Duffer lived with acclaimed novelist Alafair Burke.

Name: The Duffer
Breed: French bulldog
Age: 6 years old

The Duffer came to live with us when he was three months old, and just two months before my now-husband and I got married. There was something about having a puppy in our apartment that instantly transformed us from a shacked up couple into a family. We feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon our incredibly sweet, expressive, and hilarious best friend.

Odd behavoir: Duffer has better healthcare than anyone in my family. In addition to a vet, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and neurologist, he now has a naturopathic doctor who has the Duffer on a “raw food” diet. We call it the Gwyneth Paw-trow plan (groan). He has enough funny quirks to fill an entire edition of Crimespree, but my favorite is his ritual for making sweet love to his bed. He carries it around the apartment with him, gives it kisses, and then engages in all sorts of X-rated shenanigans on it. (there’s a you tube video of this that is NSFW :