Chris Grabenstein and Fred

Name: FRED

breed: Mixed Mutt…maybe part boxer, lab, pit bull?

Age: Eight years old

How did he come to be a part of your life?

We adopted Fred six years ago after my first dog Buster passed away at the age of 14. As a writer, I found I could not dream up ideas without a dog to take me on walks. So, my wife, who works with an animal rescue group in New York City, put out feelers. Soon, we were connected with Bill Berloni, the famed Broadway dog trainer (he has worked with most of the Great White Way’s canine stars since the first production of Annie…to the current production of Annie). Fred, one of the dogs he had rescued and put into the Broadway production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was in need of a forever home. So, we went up to Connecticut where Mr. Berloni has about twenty dogs running around on his dog ranch and adopted Fred.

How has he changed your life?

Fred is the friendliest, most expressive dog I have ever met. He and I go on four walks together every day. He doesn’t mind when I stop to jot down a note. He waits patiently.

Any bad habits, Odd quirks or foods?

Fred likes to lay on his back. Belly rubs are big in our house. He also whines to let you know exactly what he needs — food, water, or a pee break. He has inspired the dogs in my Haunted Mystery series, has had one Ceepak mystery, WHACK A MOLE, dedicated to him, and told me to rescue 57 dogs from a puppy mill in RILEY MACK AND THE OTHER KNOWN TROUBLEMAKERS

Chris Grabenstein is the Anthony and Agatha Award-winning author of the critically acclaimed thrill reads Tilt A Whirl, Mad Mouse, Whack A Mole, Hell Hole, Mind Scrambler, and Rolling Thunder, plus the young adult chillers The Crossroads and The Hanging Hill. He recently co-wrote I FUNNY with James Patterson. He lives in New York City.