Dana Cameron and Her Cats

Kaylee and Zoe (named for characters in “Firefly”)

Tabby cats

Two years old.

How did they come to be a part of your life?

We went looking through animal shelters for a pair of kittens about a year after our elderly cat Kate died. One shelter said they had two litter-mates who’d just finished being fostered. Their mom was feral,but had given birth in the foster home; these were the only two kittens to survive. They launched themselves at my husband James, trying to climb onto his shoulders and head. At that point, we kinda knew they were ours.

How have they changed your life.

We both like cats; the girls filled a cat-sized hole in our home. When I’m working, I like having some other creature in the house so I have to interact with the real world, now and then. Wondering who’s yowling, or who’s eating a bug/lint/etc. is good for getting me out of my chair. They also don’t judge me if I’m having a crappy writing day.

Any bad habits, Odd quirks or foods?

Kaylee will reach up and rake her barely-extended claws down the back of our legs if we’re too slow dishing up the kibble. Zoe is a paper chewer, which is a real issue in my office. They both come running to the kitchen when they hear the cocktail shaker–not because we give them gin, I hasten to add. It’s that time of day we give them treats (to clean their teeth), and let them chase ice chips around the floor.

In addition to six archaeology mysteries, Dana Cameron’s most recent short story is the hard-edged thriller “One Soul at a Time” (in ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE). Her latest colonial noir story, “Disarming,” won the Agatha and has been nominated for the Anthony and Macavity awards: “Disarming” follows Anna Hoyt’s adventures, beginning in the Edgar-nominated “Femme Sole.” Dana’s latest Fangborn stories are “Swing Shift” and “Love Knot;” the first of three Fangborn novels, SEVEN KINDS OF HELL, will be published in March 2013 by 47North. Dana lives in Massachusetts with her husband and benevolent feline overlords.”

You can find her at www.danacameron.com, and on Facebook and Twitter.