Dana Kaye and Mrs. Dalloway in the pet spotlight

This week, we have Dana Kaye. Dana is entered the crime fiction world as a fan and blended her passion with her skills when she formed Kaye Publicity, a PR firm that specializes in publishing and entertainment. Her clients include Gregg Hurwitz, Jesse Kellerman and Marcus Sakey.

Name: Mrs. Dalloway, “Dally” for short
Breed: Shih-tzu poodle mix
Age: 1.5 years, we’ve had her since she was 3 months old
How has she changed your life? How hasn’t she changed my life?! As busy as I am, I never thought I could squeeze in room for another creature. But when you love something this much, you make it work.
How did she come into your life? We never thought of getting a dog. My girlfriend, Nicole, and I were on our way to Costco the day after Thanksgiving and we drove past a pet store. The sign read “shih-poo puppies” which was the dog Nicole had growing up and “Black Friday Special” which, being Jewish, was music to my ears. We went in, just to see, and there was one girl shih-poo left. We held her and played with her, but then came to our senses. We couldn’t have a dog! We had no time and we were going to be heading out of town for Christmas and who potty trains a dog in the winter? So we put her back, and went to Costco, and were totally silent while we grocery shopped. We couldn’t stop thinking about her. On the way home, when we passed the pet store, Nicole pulled over. And although it was the worst idea ever, we had to go get her.