Pet Spotlight: Deb Smith and Butters

This week, we step away from the usual guest author and go behind the scenes with Deb Smith, Editorial Director and V.P. at Bell Bridge books.

Butters is our 18-month-old calico; the mystery is how did she survive after being abandoned on a neighbor’s doorstep at the tender age of only four weeks. As the local author/cat/dog lady, I was called to the rescue. What I found was a tiny Reeses Cup of a baby (dark chocolate with peanut butter) who ate the vet’s high-fat canned food as if she were still nursing: By plunging headfirst into the plate and working the vittles with her front paws.

I spent several weeks wiping her entire body down after every meal. She spent most of her non-noshing time sleeping in my cleavage as I moved about the house– I tucked her safely inside a snug t-shirt I stuffed under the bottom of my bra cups, so it formed a kind of kitty baby-sling.

Despite that bizarre childhood, she has grown up into a confident – some, including the other cats, would say OVER confident – princess/diva. In short, she rules Casa Smith and everyone in it.

When I put together “Catitude” as a personal Xmas gift for friends and family, she was right there to christen the publication with her paw of approval.

V.P. and Editorial Director
Bell Bridge Books