Shamus of Once Upon A Crime

This comes from Pat and Gary of Once Upon A Crime bookstore in Minneapolis.
Name: Shamus

Breed: Anybody’s guess, likely has some Border Collie, Lab, and Dalmatian in his history.

Age:  Somewhere around 4 years. We adopted him 2 years ago last May.
How he/she came to be a part of your life Totally taken it, the store (and our customers), over. Whereas when customers used to ask Gary “Where’s Pat?” or Pat “Where’s Gary?” (we generally take turns at the store), now, on the rare occasion when Shamus isn’t at the store, it’s “Where’s Shamus?”

Hey, I got my eye on you!

How has he changed your life? We do a lot of walkies, and don’t eat out much anymore.

Any bad habits, Odd quirks or foods?  He’s perfect in every way, as long as he thinks he’s getting his way. He used to stand in the hallway and bark at us while we were eating, until we gave up and set him his own place. He loves to sit in chairs (as you’ll see in a couple pictures) When we have him at a signing, he’ll actually sit in one of the chairs until he gets bored. Loves riding shotgun. He’ll eat pretty much anything, especially if he finds it on the street. He’s only damaged one book – a copy of Carl Hiaasen’s “Star Island” which I had left lying on the bed and he mistook for a chew toy. We put it in the store with a sign saying “Shamus loved this book!”. It sold right away. He hates when we’re sitting at the computer for too long. Like right now. Gotta go.