Pet Spotlight: The Dogs of Bill Fitzhugh

Six months ago, we featured the critter that actually inspired the Pet Spotlight, Crusty Boogers. Crusty is the feline companion of Bill Fitzhugh. Today, we take a quick look at the canines of the Fitzhugh household.

We found Pinky running west on Victory Boulevard on July 5 about 7 years ago. We chased him for miles but he wouldn’t let us catch him. Finally, he gave up and let me put him in the Explorer. Tried to find his owners as he was obviously a well care for dog but he didn’t have a chip and no one responded to the posters we put up. People ask all the time if he’s a flat coat retriever but according to experts, he’s not. Just a good boy.

Pinky is without fault.  Unless you consider it a fault to try and catch squirrels and alligator lizards.  Every now and then, Pinky will show up with a tail or a leg sticking out of his mouth, still wiggling…

One of Kendall’s co-workers was at the dog park one day when a distraught woman showed up with this little puppy. Her apartment manager had discovered the pup and told the woman she had to get rid of her. Since we had recently lost Ava, the co-worker knew exactly what to do… Kendall fell in love and brought her home. Moose was about 12 pounds (exactly the same size as Crusty at the time). She’s about 40 pounds now and a complete knucklehead.

Moose, on the other hand… We have a saying around here that ‘nothing is too ick for Moose.’  She will eat just about anything she finds.  The ONLY thing I have seen her pass up was a maggot-infested squirrel (or rat, hard to tell) skull in the back yard.  Otherwise, everything is potentially tasty.

In addition to being a lover of animals, Bill Fitzhugh is the author of 9 novels, the most recent of which is THE EXTERMINATORS. PEST CONTROL, for which THE EXTERMINATORS is the sequel, has been made into a radio program in Germany and an acclaimed musical…yes, bugs and signing.

Bill was also the host of the Deep Tracks program on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio. He recently adapted the Peter Straub short story, Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff, for a planned film. He can be found on Facebook.