The Hounds of Tom Schreck

Wilbur offering his advice on a business deal.

My wife and I live with our three hounds Wilbur, a basset, Roxie a bloodhound and Riley, a basset/bloodhound mix. We also have two cow cats, CC and DC.

Since I’ve gotten published we’ve toured the country selling my books at basset rescue events and giving all of the profits to the rescues. We’re proud that between sales and auctions that went over $20k for the hounds a few years ago.

I write in the morning before my day gig. That means every few sentences I’m getting up letting one or the other hounds in or out of the house, pulling a shoe out of their mouths or breaking up disagreements.

We all sleep together in the Schreck Family Crate. Search that on Youtube (Editor’s note: Here ya go!) and you’ll see a room designed to look like the inside of a dog house with cat walks and the world’s biggest bed.

Wilbur always had one eye and he went totally blind a year and half ago. He hasn’t missed a step since.

At the charity walk for autism where I work Wilbur, led by some folks with developmental disabilities, raised over $3000. He got donations from around the world thanks to Facebook.

Tom Schreck is the author of The Vegas Knockout, a recent number one hard boiled mystery on Amazon. His most recent release, Getting Dunn reached number seven.

The novels are based on his experience as a former director of an inner city drug clinic and a professional boxing judge. Officiating fights at Madison Square Garden and elsewhere, he appears on HBO, Showtime, and ESPN.

In addition to being the author of five books, he is has written for a wide variety of publications including The Business Review,, American Health and Fitness, Professional Counselor and Catfancy.


Watch Wilbur’s video, complete with a soundtrack from Stevie Wonder: