Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks Comes to PBS in January

DCI BANKS, the series featuring Peter Robinson‘s Inspector Alan Banks, will debut on public television in January. Actual times will vary from market to market, so check with your local station.

The 4 episode run will start with Aftermath (novel published in 2001) and be followed by Playing With Fire (pub: 2004), Friend Of The Devil (Pub 2007) and conclude with Cold Is The Grave (Pub 2000). Each will clock in at just under 90 minutes. Stephen Tompkinson stars as Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.

Two series have aired in the U.K. and a third has been ordered.

Below is the official summary for Aftermath and a promo for the series.

Number 27 The Hill is a seemingly ordinary house in an ordinary street. But when police officers Janet Taylor and Dennis Morrisey arrive, it is clear things are far from normal. The young, beautiful Lucy Payne is unconscious in the hallway of the house, bleeding from a head wound. Hiding in the cellar is her husband – Marcus Payne – ready to wield a knife at anyone who tries to enter, desperate to protect his secret. By the time Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks is called to the house, one of the officers is dead, the other fighting for their life and career, and Marcus Payne has been revealed as a serial killer. Hidden behind the walls and floor of the cellar are the bodies of young women with one thing in common – they all have blonde hair. This discovery marks the start of a shocking investigation that tests Inspector Banks to the limit.

Look for DCI BANKS to debut in the 2nd week of January.