Photos from In The Electric Mist

Author James Lee Burke has, on his site, put up photos from the forthcoming In The Electric Mist.

Mist is based on Burke’s 1993 novel and stars Tommy Lee Jones, as Dave Robicheaux, as well as Ned Beatty, John Goodman, Peter Sarsgaard and Mary Steenburgen.

This film has real promise. They have put together a strong cast of good actors, not big names, but actual folks with real acting skills.

Add to that a good director in Bertrand Tavernier (Round Midnight) you have the makin’s of something good.

No U.S. release date has been set, but it will debut in France on March 26th, 2008.

Click here for our complete rundown on the cast.

Check out the photos. There are ten in all.