Pictures from the set of THE GUARDS.

Ken Bruen has been kind enough to share some on the set photos from THE GUARDS. The photos were taken by Peter Muender, a German journalist.

First up is a mock-up of the Gallway Times done for the film. It has a feature on Jack Taylor.

Ken has a bit part in the film, as a reporter. Second photo is a picture from his scene.

Third photo is of Ken with actor Ralph Brown, who plays Sutton. Brown has been in LIFE ON MARS, MEADOWLANDS, NEARLY FAMOUS and Richard Curtis’ new flick Pirate Radio.

Number four is of Ken, star Iain Glen and director Stuart Orme. Stuart has previously worked on INSPECTOR MORSE AND MERLIN and spent much of the 80s making music videos for the likes of Whitney Houston and Phil Collins

Final photo is Ken with Anne McCabe, co-writer of THE GUARDS.

Lou Boxer’s Noircon blog has a lot more pictures up. Certainly worth checking out.