Poison Pen Press Announces Winner of 1st Annual Discover Mystery Contest

The fine folks at Poison Pen Press have announced the winner of their first annual Discover Mystery Contest:

I will try to keep this sweet and to the point. The judging is over. We thank you all for all of your excellent submissions. Needless to say, it was a difficult decision. We saw a lot of good manuscripts, and we want to encourage everyone who did not win to submit through our regular process.

First, I would like to congratulate our finalists (presented here in alphabetical order by author):
“Slone’s Last Dance” by Bill Butler
“In the Market for Murder” by Dawn Marie Fichera
“Who Killed Julian Emery” by Susan Lumenello
“Mortgaged to Death” by Bruce Rolfe

And, of course, a congratulations to the winner of our first annual Discover Mystery Contest…
Ronald Sharp and his manuscript “Human Pest Control.”

HUMAN PEST CONTROL will be released, under the name NO REGRETS, NO REMORSE, in November. The winner was picked by the editorial staff of PPP and guest judge Dana Stabenow.