Poisoned Pen 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Our 20th anniversary celebration is at the Poisoned Pen bookstore this coming Sunday, May 7, at 2:00 pm. We have two debut PPP authors signing their May releases (Thomas Kies with Random Road; Annie Hogsett with Too Lucky to Live), and Tammy Kaehler signs her fifth in the Kate Reilly racing series, Kiss the Bricks. We will also have Fred Ramsay, Donis Casey, James Sallis & Meg Dobson on hand to sign our anthology Bound By Mystery. Local PPP author Betty Webb will also attend.

Founded in 1997 by Robert Rosenwald (President and Founder), Barbara Peters (Editor-in-Chief), and their daughter Susan Malling, Poisoned Pen Press is an independent publisher of mystery novels. Its award-winning mystery writers and commitment to excellence for its readers set the Press apart.  Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, PPPress now celebrates 20 years of publishing some of the best novels in the genre.

PPPress books routinely earn starred reviews from trade publications and the general press and have also won, or been nominated for, every major award in the mystery genre.

In recognition of Barbara Peters’ and Robert Rosenwald’s contribution to the publishing industry, they were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 Bouchercon Crime and Mystery conference. They also were given the Poirot Award, bestowed by the Malice Domestic Board of Directors to honor individuals other than writers who have made outstanding contributions to the genre. Robert and Barbara were also given the Ellery Queen Award at the 2010 Mystery Writers of America’s annual dinner honoring “writing teams and outstanding people in the mystery-publishing industry.”


Dispatches from Authors at Poisoned Pen Press:

“Writers should root for the success of their colleagues, because sharing in the joys of your friends’ accomplishments enhances the wonder of your own journey. Yes, that principle is far easier to preach than achieve, which is precisely what makes Poisoned Pen Press such and extraordinary place to call home. PPP camaraderie goes a long ways towards assuring that a writer’s solitary existence never becomes a lonely one.”

–Jeffrey Siger, author of Santorini Caesars: A Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mystery

“To me, being published by Poisoned Pen Press first means being rigorously (and compassionately) checked, edited, and presented to the world. My story and words are buffed and polished so that I know my best foot goes forward. Second, it means I have a community supporting me–friends, taskmasters, fans, confidants and colleagues among the staff and my fellow authors.”

–Tammy Kaehler, author of Kiss the Bricks: A Kate Reilly Racing Mystery

 “To be a member of the PPP family means working with a publisher who personally takes and interest in my success, an editor who helps make my book much stronger than when I started, getting a brilliant cover design, and working with a support staff that answers all my questions–no matter how naive. So when I was asked if I might be able to attend the 20th Anniversary party, I said, Just tell me where and when!”

–Thomas Kies, author of Random Road: A Geneva Chase Mystery

“For me, being published by Poisoned Pen Press is like coming home. At my first Left Coast Crime, the PPP folks I met were ‘real’ authors and I was not, but they made me feel welcome. They’re great people and I consider myself very lucky.”

–Annie Hogsett, author of Too Lucky to Live: A Somebody’s Bound to Wind Up Dead Mystery

“Writing for Poisoned Pen Press has been a rich, fulfilling experience for me. Robert and Barbara have assembled a highly competent, cheerful staff and have attracted a stable of talented writers who cheer each other on. It’s a family. I wanted to write for an Indie press and was lucky enough to get on with the best one.”

–Warren Easley, author of Blood for Wine: A Cal Claxton Oregon Mystery

“My generation was taught to be readers, not writers. I started down that dubious path in response to a challenge by my (then) new bride. Why not write a book? she said. After many years and rewrites, Poisoned Pen Press bought Artscape, the first of many I would write for them. Numbers 20 and 21 currently rest uneasily on my hard drive.”

–Frederick Ramsay, author of Copper Kettle, The Ike Schwartz Mysteries, The Botswana Trilogy and The Jerusalem Mysteries

“Poisoned Pen Press is like having an orchard in our back yard–apples everywhere.”

James Sallis, author of Drive and Driven

“Publication by Poisoned Pen Press means being part of a tight-knit and supportive community. It’s all for one and one for all. We’re buoyed by camaraderie and good will.”

–Charlotte Hinger, author of Fractured Families: A Lottie Albright Mystery

“I wish I were able to attend the anniversary party, as I’d love to toast PPP’s twenty remarkable years. My novels have benefited enormously from its wise editors. More importantly, I treasure the friendly, personal relationships that the Press fosters. In my experience, that is truly unique in the industry.”

–Dennis Palumbo, author of Phantom Limb: A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery

“In my 14 years with Poisoned Pen Press, every last staff member has been a wonderful colleague, unfailingly so. Barbara Peters has been a caring and intelligent editor, and Rob Rosenwald has worked tirelessly to get my books in front of reviewers, award committees and, most of all, readers. I’m so lucky to be a part of it all.”

–Mary Anna Evans, author of Burials, a Faye Longchamp Mystery

“I first met Barbara Peters at a Bouchercon event years before the founding of Poisoned Pen Press. During our brief conversation, I was struck by–nearly bowled over by!–her enthusiasm for mystery novels and her insights into my books. ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘she would make a great editor–better than any I’ve had.’ Well, my wish has come true!”

–Michael Kahn, author of Played! and the Rachel Gold Mysteries

“All I can say is, thank God for Poisoned Pen Press. I am always so proud and honored to tell anyone and everyone that I am published by a press with a worldwide reputation for quality.”

–Donis Casey, author of The Return of the Raven Mocker: An Alafair Tucker Mystery