THE POOR BOY’S GAME by Dennis Tafoya

From the Buzz Bin in the next issue of Crimespree Magazine:

PoorSon of a bitch can Dennis Tafoya write! THE POOR BOY’S GAME weighing in at just over 320 pages packs a giant punch, right to the throat. Frannie Mullen used to be a US Marshal, but after a fellow agent and friend is killed in the line of duty she out of work and out of sorts. Trying to put her own life in perspective she is also dealing with a sister who is newly sober and a boyfriend who is not exactly a person on the direct right side of the law. Fate steps in to test her resolve and push her to the limit when her bad assed and criminal father breaks out of prison and she is suspected of helping him. Reading this book expecting a dark and fun read is like taking a swallow of coffee and discovering it’s a quadruple espresso. It’s like asking for a shot of schnapps and getting grain alcohol. Take your expectations and multiply by 50

Dennis-TafoyaBooks like this are why I don’t sleep any more. Well Done Mr. Tafoya!

~ Jon