PresShadowDamn you Brad Meltzer. I picked up THE PRESIDENT’S SHADOW (Grand Central) to read for an hour or so before bed. Well, that was a mistake, though my mine not Mr. Meltzer’s. I ended up getting out of bed, making coffee and reading the book in basically one sitting. Full of real history that Meltzer researches like the scholar of America he is, cover-ups and conspiracies and no stop action this is one hell of a ride. A severed arm found in the rose garden sets off a string of problems, not the least of which is someone sneaking onto the white house grounds. Beecher White (from THE INNER CIRCLE and THE FIFTH ASSASSIN) is called in and his life is about to be rocked out of it’s normal orbit. I missed a night of sleep, but this book has hung with me for days and I will probably be rereading it to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Metzer is the champion of Washington thrillers. 

Get this book, make some coffee or grab some red bull and enjoy a damn fun book that will keep you guessing right to the end.