Proposed PREACHER Film Suffers Setback, Sam Mendes no Longer Attached

The proposed PREACHER film has taken another step backwards. Director Sam Mendes is off the project!

Director Sam Mendes pulled out after signing on for the next James Bond film.

Obivously I am happy for Mendes for getting such a choice gig, but it is starting to feel like THE PREACHER will always be floating out there, never quite making it to production.

A rumor of this has been floating around for a while, but it was confirmed by the fine folks at Collider. They recently spoke with producer Neal Mortiz and this, as well as a few other tibits, were revealed.

Here are some of the other bits:
Fans can relax, it will DEFINATELY be rated R. I can’t imagine THE PREACHER being anything other than R.

The plan is for filming to start in 2011.

This would not be one film, but the stories of THE PREACER would be spread out over a number of films…why don’t we just focus on getting one started and take it from there.

They are talking to a director right now, but writer John August has expressed some interest in directing. John made his directorial debut with THE NINES and was a writer for CHARLIES ANGELS, BIG FISH, CHARLIES AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and THE COPRSE BRIDE.

For you heathens that are not familiar with THE PREACHER, it is a series of comics/graphic novels about a Texas preacher that becomes imbibed with the incredible power of Genesis, an entity that is the result of the coupling of an angel and a demon (that would be a hell of a porno).

Upon finding out that God has apparently abandoned his duties in heaven, the Preacher heads out, across country, to confront God. His ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire (with a fondness for liquor) accompany him.

This series ROCKS and should be read by everyone. Since we are at the end of this post, you should head over to your fave online store or local comic shop and pick up the ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SERIES!!!