PULP BOY update.

20 months ago, I first posted the story of Emerson LaSalle. Emerson is the creation of Victor Gischler, along with Anthony Neil Smith, and is the main character of the proposed film PULP BOY.

Pulp Boy is the story of Emerson LaSalle–the king of sci-fi paperbacks–as he embarks on the adventure of his life to save his career by promoting his masterpiece: Princess Calamari at the Edge of Space-Time! LaSalle’s promotional tour takes a turn for the worst when he finds himself pitted against enraged fans, violent old ladies, and his long-time nemesis and rival, Stone Q. Mann. The result is a hilarious romp through book stores, sci-fi conventions, and bars across the country as LaSalle fights for glory in a battle of quasi-epic proportions and flies by the seat of his pants into infamy.

Since then, Actors have been signed as has a Director of Photography, but in this day and age, film financing is hard to find. Producer/Director Jacob Dickey has been working hard to develop his vision of PULP BOY and to convince folks that it is a project that is worth their time and money.

I recently touched base with Jacob about the project. While he admits it is a long, slow process, he is still excited and optimistic that PULP BOY will be made.

At this point, the project has made some progress in terms of financing, but still has a ways to go. With the passion, creativity and talent of those involved, I can’t imagine this falling by the wayside.

If you are on Facebook, check out the PULP BOY page as well as the official website.