We’ve been reading our boy from Philly, DUANE SWIERCZYNSKI ,since we first saw one of his books, SECRET DEAD MEN. This was his first work of fiction, though he also has done some non fiction, including THE BIG BOOK OF BEER. His novels rock. They are crime fiction in the noir style for a new generation. I’m not going to bandy words about looking for a perfect adjective, he is a Goddamn good writer and highly entertaining.

His blog is pretty damn entertaining as well.

We’ve met Duane a number of times at mystery conventions, we’ve even eaten with him once or twice. because of this I can safely with all sincerity that Duane is a very nice guy as well. Polite, well read, even a bit quiet (unlike me, which makes for an interesting dynamic)

So, you get the picture, we dig Duane.

I also really love comics, and found out early on that Duane does as well, though he more Marvel, I’m more DC. he’s a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll. We agree on a lot of the same stuff though.

I was quite happy to hear that he was going to be writing comics a few years ago.
I’ve enjoyed his run with Cable, not an easy task given the continuity involved.
He then wrote a Punisher and started on IRON FIST.
So far I’ve been digging Iron Fist the most.
but then Garth Ennis left Punisher Max. In come some crime writers.
I liked GREGG HURWITZ‘s a lot, as I did his Foolkiller runs.
And now Duane has taken the reigns of Punisher and Frank is tearing up Philly in Six Hours To Kill. Punisher is given something that will kill him in 6 hours and he needs to do as much as he can before he dies. Out come the files, down go the bad guys. A cool take on the last hours on earth scenario. I’m liking it a lot. Duane is bringing the same sensibilities he uses in his novel to the Punisher and it’s all good baby. There’s a big difference between stopping law breakers and justice. Punisher goes a bit beyond that, and so does Duane.

Duane is also now writing Werewolf by Night, a title that was a weaker hooro title back in the day. Now it’s a man’s struggle put right in your face. Again, really good stuff.

So if you haven’t already read Duane, get to work!

And Duane? If you haven’t finished your next novel yet?