Quentin Tarantino eying works of Len Deighton.

The Guardian is reporting that director Quentin Tarantino is thinking about tackling Len Deighton’s Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match to the big screen. The trilogy, which feature intelligence officer Bernard Samson, previously was made into a 12-parter for British television in the late 80s.

I was pretty impressed with his take on Elmore Leonard (Jackie Brown came from RUM PUNCH) and think the structure of Len’s books would be a nice change from the fun chaos of DEATH PROOF, KILL BILL and INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. I enjoyed those films, but would like to see QT step away from B genre stuff he has been fixated on over the last decade.

As the article points out, QT has expressed interest in James Bond in the past. He has repeatedly talked about wanting to make CASINO ROYALE with Peirce Brosnan.