Question about television viewing habits.

So I have a quesiton for everyone out there:
What television shows do you actively follow?
By that I mean you either watch it live or Tivo/DVR it.

Some shows I follow on DVD, but Dexter,. Numb3rs, Damages, Saving Grace, Castle and Fringe I watch each week. I simply can’t wait until the DVD release to find out what happens.

I started thinking about this as word has come out that Reaper and Chuck, two shows I casually follow, are likely not coming back.

Am I partially to blame? If I watched them every week, that would have been one more viewer. I know I am not a Nielson household, but I still feel a little guilty for not at least recording them.

So I am curious as to what shows are drawing us in each week. Are there other shows that you buy, but do not watch live?