Ranger and Morelli cast for Evanovich’s ONE FOR THE MONEY.

Variety is reporting that two of the main leads for the film version of ONE FOR THE MONEY have been cast. OFTM is the first book in a series by Janet Evanovich.

Jason O’Mara (U.S. version of LIFE ON MARS, RESIDENT EVIL:EXTINCTION) will play Joe Morelli, a vice cop on the run from a murder charge. Morelli is an old sweetheart of Stephanie (Katherine Heigl)and is responsible for deflowering her.

According to the article. Daniel Sunjata (Franco Rivera of RESCUE ME) has been cast as “a disciplined veteran bounty hunter.” Now unless they are changing things, that would have to be the enigmatic Ranger. Throughout the novels, Ranger provides guidance and ends up being a love interest for Stephanie. Not sure who she ends up with because I stopped with book number seven.

Julie Ann Robinson (WEEDS, GRAYS’S ANATOMY) is directing, with a screenplay by Liz Brixius. Liz is one of the creative folk behind Showtime’s NURSE JACKIE.