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Ranting about Hollywood

I love watching the oscars. I love watching (most) people win and the cut shots to their families. The whole night is fun from watching the horrible interviews ahead of time by wanna be journalists to the arguing and screaming at who wins.

Part of what makes me so upset with Hollywood is how clueless so many people out there seem to be. The writers on Lost said they are not going to answer all the plot points and they don;t seem to care. It’s been pulled from my netflix list. We watched some movies this weekend, 17 to be exact. A lot of them were really good. And some not so much. One of the mediocre films had a behind the scenes interviews in which the directors/writers/actors etc. claim its a wonderful and original masterpiece. Do these people believe thier owns words, I hope not becuase then they really are the shallow people they are beleived to be.
Hollywood needs to get out more, they need to connect with their audience. Is anyone clamoring for a Gilligan’s Island move? Really??? I don’t believe so. More Police Academy movies? I guess really dumb teenagers need something to see when they get stoned. Someone actually boought the rights to the video game Asteroids! WTF!???

I think there are a lot of great films being made, but most of them are not great. Not all films need to be great, they just need to take you away for a few hours. If I’m screaming at the screen because something is wrong or dumb sometimes its fun, but it shouldn’t take place so often.

Hollywoos? Maybe you could try to make more films to challenge us instead of movies that expect us not to think.

And lets stop judging movies by money made, lets instead go by tickets sold, butts in seats. Avatar may well be wondeful but the higher cost of the seats makes for misleading numbers.

Lets end on a positive note or two.

Things Hollywood does right.
Jeff Bridges winning an oscar
Kathryn Bigelow should be given what ever she wants.
Tribute to John Hughes was nice. He really did define a generation or three.

Hollywood does get things right, often. I just wish they got it right more often.

SO, the oscars are not over yet, Jeff Bridges just won. As I sign off for now I predict: Hurt Locker the big winner. Avatar may be a fun film, Hurt Locker was a great film. And honestly, I don’t like James Cameron’s attitude.