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recent comic purchases

A sampling of some of the comics I bought in the last few weeks and enjoyed.

The Authority #15
The wildstorm books have all been dealing with “Worlds End” and its been entertaining enough, but I’m ready for things to start picking up and to see these characters start rebuilding. Authority 15 seems to be doing just that. Engineer is back on line with a nanite upgrade and it looks like they are ready to re power the ship.I really like the art by Drew Johnson and Ray Snyder, it’s moody and I like the effects they use for off set lighting. I have the feeling this and the other Wildstorm books will be getting a lot more fun in the coming months.

Batman Annual 27
DC Comics
This is a mystery which is nice to see back in the Batman books. A murder at a church, ties to the past and the addition of the new Azrael make this more than a simple who dunit. Batman and Robin go undercover and I love the interplay with the GCPD. It’s to be continued in the Detective annual.

Justice League: Cry For Justice #4 (of 7)
DC Comics

I am a huge fan of James Robinson and his work here is steller. It really addresses some thing that have been in the back of my mind for a while. Why don’t these heroes get pissed off more and get proactive. I love seeing the Atom using his abilities to extract information, Green Lantern condoning it and Green Arrow having a problem with it. The use of Captain Marvel as a real hero and not comic relief is nice too. I love where this is going and will follow where ever Robinson leads. I like the way the story is growing and Jay Garrick is off contacting other heroes. Getting ready for something big? I’m sure, but I have no idea what, and thats what I love about tis run, I can’t predict where it’s going.
I also enjoy Robinson’s piece at the end of eachissue talking about his writing choices.
The art is mind blowingly good. Mauro Cascioli need a life long contract for whatever he wants. I’ve spent a number of rereads just staring at the art.
Awesome book.

Batman and Robin #5
DC Comics

I’m enjoying this still, Morrison is always a joy to read. The interaction between Dick and Damion is terrific. But I have to say, I’s sick to death of Jason Todd. Never liked him and still don’t, no matter what mask he’s wearing. I also miss Quietly on art, but Philip Tan has a nice ease with the characters and it’s still a nice looking book.

Astonishing X-Men 31
I loke Warren Ellis on the X titles. He seems to be more character driven and manages to get into their heads a bit more thasn most. This is actually a cool issue in particular. It is basically the team stepping in to rescue a friend and actually acting like a team. I also love the last panel.


Mark Waid is doing such nice work here. It seemed like it was going to be another Superhero gone bad deconstruction series. Nope. it is really more than just that simple premise. Waid shows why the Plutionian went off the deep end and it actually makes perfect sense. Waid doen’t over play his hand and lets the story kind of tell itself rather than complicating a story that works perfect the way he’s telling it. On the pull list for as long as Waid writes it.

The Boys #35

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson are such geniuses. This book is harsh at times, extrmely violent and even harsh. And I for one love every minute of it.
The lastest issue tells us the origin of Mother’s Milk. A truly messed up and sad tale. Also gives great insight into the book and the characters.
Another great issue.

Planetary #27

This is the very last issue of Planetary, I’ve been waiting for it, I’ve been anticipating it and I was very happy to have it last.
And it lived up to expectations! This did a really great job of wrapping up the series. It ends on a hopeful note with the promise of the premise brought up previously in the series.”It’s a strange world, let’s keep it that way”. This last issue is a rescue operation to get Ambrose back. The set up is perfect and actually makes sense in the scheme of things.
When this all comes out in Trade #4 I plan to shut off the phones TV and music and read all of it again in one sitting.I truly think this could be the coolest piece of work that Ellis and Cassaday have done.

Batman The Widening Gyre #2

This is all right. Parts of it work for me, but I am not buying that Batman talks like this. “He pulled a heater and shot himself a path to a dead end”, and “You’re so lucky you bloated turd”. It throws me out of the story. And I know it’s petty, but how is it that all of a sudden Wayne Manor is on a coast? Sitting on a cliff over looking a large body of water? That frame actually made me stop reading for a minute and it really screwed up my reading.
So while there are some parts of this that aren’t bad, thats not enough for me to keep spending $2.99 an issue.

Teen Titans #75
DC Comics

I’m about done with this title. My biggest problem with this issue is Beast Boy coming in and acting like such an ass hat. The character is different in every damn book, brooding and dark in one, young an immature in the next. I also find my self not really caring what happens to these kids. Maybe it’s aimed at younger readers and I’m just to old to appreciate it? For now “Hey Teen Titans! Get off my lawn!”


Wow. This ends in a real screwed up messy way. And fun, lots of fun. This series was a joy all the way through in a disturbing kind of way that I enjoyed maybe too much? The needing really works for me. A bunch pf people who place themselves above everyone else getting what they have coming for being arrogant. I was able to really release a lot of frustration reading this!

Green Lantern 46

More blackest night which for my money has been some of the most fun I’ve had reading comics in years. And I’ve enjoyed a lot of comics recently. Johns is really telling some orignial stories here and I can’t get enough.

Underground #1
Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber’s new title is really intriguing. I love the look and the story is cool as hell. It”s people dealing with a screwed up situation, corruption and mystery. It’s about people and not capes and it’s wonderful.

Uncanny X-Men 515

I love this just for the art, Greg Land is amazing. I also like what Matt fraction seems to building up to. It’s making the X-men feel like a team again and while maybe disenfranchised, still a community.

76 #5

If you love the seventies action flicks you will love this. just go get ’em!