The Pull List – Recent Issues

Let me start by saying this.

Buy Zero Killer from Dark Horse!
Wow. What a cool series. The basci set up is this. In the early 70s there was war. The earth is screwed. 90% of the population is toast, and the US took a real hit. In the now, New York is half submerged and the people living there exist in a gang like culture, kind of like Escape From New York. Everybody wants something, and nobody trusts anybody. Zero is a “trashman”, he finds things for people, objects, information or other people. He wants to do his thing and be left alone. He has a dream of going to Africa which is supposed to be untouched by the disaster. He is also a haunted man.
Written by Arvid Nelson with art by Matt Camp this is a great series!

OK, now in alphabetical order:

Action #859
DC Comics

Anything that uses the classic Legion will get my attention, and putting them with an adult Superman in a a future gone wrong? It’s a no brainer! This is loads of fun. I really enjoyed the exploration in the Batcave.

Booster Gold #4
DC Comics

I love that Booster Gold is actually in his own comic again and that it’s truly fun to read. The whole premise of his time jumping with Rip Hunter is brilliant. Issue 4 sees the classic Barry Allan Flash with Wally as a young kid Flash. Great fight scenes and a really wicked twist right at the end.

Crime Bible #1
DC Comics
Montoya is now the Question. She’s going up against the followers of The Crime Bible. From the opening sequences this book grabs you by the throat. It’s a bit dark and reminds me of the 70’s Batman by Adams. While Renee is tracking down the only copies of the crime bible, someone is tracking her. Great mystery in store and I can’t wait to read the rest of this.

Cyblade: Pilot Season

I’ know I get to help vote for which two series get picked to be on going, but I sure don’t want to have to. I’m enjoying them all. Cyblade is a cool setup with wonderful art from Rick Mays. Joshua Hale Fialkov has set this opener up like a mystery action film. It moves fast and keeps you guessing.

Fables #67

Fables is weird for me. I love the series, but having to wait to read it in pieces once a month sucks. Reading the trades works nice, but the wait is too long. But since I’m hooked I buy it every month. And I love it every month. 67 sees the battle starting with the Frog Prince engaing the enemy for the first time. Things will be coming to a head soon, and it can only be the beginning of something bigger. This is really one of my all time favorites.

Lobster Johnson #3
Dark Horse

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of all things Hellboy and related titles. Mike Mignola has such a wonderful knack for telling a story that feels like a forties serial and I grin the whole time I’m reading. Robots and monsters and conspiracies and secret groups. All the things that made the pulps great are here.

Madame Mirage #3
Top Cow

Issue three is here and Paul Dini has dropped a couple bombs on us. Revelations about who Madame Mirage really is and what her mission really is.And done in a very cool fashion! I love this book. And Kenneth Rocafort is amazing on the artwork. MORE!

Salvation Run #1
DC Comics

All the bad guys getting dumped on a planet to fend for themselves. It feels a little like Secret War, only with better writing. The first issue is interesting and I’m curious to see what happens next.

Simon Dark #2
DC Comics

The modern take of Frankenstein in Gotham? Maybe. A really cool idea for a vigilante, definitely. Worth reading? Beyond a doubt. Steve Niles rocks!

The Un-Men #4

Things are starting to pick up speed in this title as well. I know who the players are and I ‘m getting an idea of what they might be up to. Which of course means that it’s time to amp up the action and add a bit more mystery. This book gets better and better. It’s really clever and fun and even sinister.

The Vinyl Underground #2

I’m loving this series. Occult doings and mysteries and hip outcasts tracking them down. Cool art and great writing. It’s setting up really nicely and I can’t wait to see what happens next. The characters are engaging from the start and not cliches stolen from TV. It’s no surprise to me that the writer is also a writer for Torchwood as they seem to have a similar feel. Good Stuff.

Wonder Woman #14
DC Comics

I’ve been disappointed by this title since Ruck left. And if I never see Crice again that will be too soon. Amazon attack left me flat. Well Gail Simone should get a raise. She has me waiting for the next issue. Her run opens up with a battle with apes who have been treated to Gorrilla Grodd’s ideas of what the planet should be like. Diana wins, but not only with force. Great writing. And terrific art as well from Terry Dodson.

More coming soon as I catch up on my reading.