Regular issue reviews begining of September

AIR #1


I’m glad there is a month between issues because this first issue of Air has me needing a rest. It’s loaded with action and intrigue and it keeps twisting and snaking around, it’s enough to need a reader needing more air.
G. Willow Wilson is a gifted story teller as anyone who read Cairo already knows. She brings a human quality to the characters that makes them all believable and real. Coupling this with the art of MK Perker you’ve got a blockbuster in your hands.
The first issue opens with two people falling to the ocean, and plane coming down right next to them. One these impromptu skydivers is Blythe, a stewardess with Clearfleet airlines. The other dropping soul is a mysterious man who we quickly meet in flashbacks. There is trouble in the skies and everyone wants Blythe to help keep the air ways safe. Too bad not all of them are being honest.
This issue was like a wonderful appetizer being served while you smell an even better meal cooking in the next room. I want more, and I want it now.



More depraved fun from Garth Ennis in one of my favorite books. Hughie gets the rest of his lesson about the “heroes” and the team rests up , which is good because coming up next they take on the G-Men. And if you don’t see the X-men parody fun coming right at you, you might want to read Scooby Doo instead.



I’m not sure if this big cross over event that has messed up the Wildstorm universe is permanent or not, but it sure is fun seeing these folks trying to cope as more regular folks do. There’s a serious battle coming up and it looks like the only member of the Authority ready to rock is Midnighter. He’s good, but not good enough to take on every badass heading towards the downed ship. High action and a real change of pace in this and the other books involved and good fun.



Simon Oliver is getting ready to take the reins on Hellblazer and from what I’ve seen in this miniseries I think he should write it as long as they’ll let him. I’ve always enjoyed Chas and I think he’s a perfect fit for this story of London and the weird history of The Knowledge. It just wouldn’t work as well with Constantine stepping in right off the bat to save the day.
I love the way the story is building and can’t wait to see how it all ends. Chas is the one guy who has managed to be friends with Constantine for all these years and he’s still alive, no small feat. What we’re seeing here is maybe a little bit of why.


DC Comics

What do you do when the world is getting ready to end? You put things right and make peace with yourself and those around you. The thread though this book is Geo Force trying to make things right for his dead sister. It’s a bitter story line and sad for a number of reasons. It’s also great, as is the rest of the comic. Brad Meltzer, Adam Kubert, Joe Kubert and John Dell all brought their best game. If you dig DC comics, you’ll really dig this.


DC Comics

Hush is stepping up his game and making Batman’s life a living hell. He’s got Scarecrow screwing with Batman’s head by infecting a child with the Bane serum. While he’s distracted Hush makes a move on Catwoman and you can bet the rent things are about to go nuclear when Bats finds out.


Dark Horse

This has been good reading so far and continues to be. The period between issues had me go back and reread the first three before picking up #4. This title isn’t really about deconstructing the superhero genre, that’s been done. What I think they are doing is showing us how these people would cope if it all went to Hell. Who would still fight, who would give in to temptation? At the end, who’s really a hero? Rick Remender is a master teller of tales and this has an epic feel to and I’m sure that this will be something I re-read often.

Fables #75


Well, the war is finally over at the end if this issue, and it really has been a Hell of a story. The ending is spectacular without being overly dramatic, much like the rest of the series. Brilliant solid story telling without false starts or unnecessary scenes added. I really don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that I think this issue was worth the wait.



We finally get Fig’s back story here in issue 5 and it’s a grand tale fitting the House of Mystery. This is more than just an anthology book for small tales, it is also running various sub plots and back stories that have already put this on my must read pile every month. Matthew Sturges has a bit of disturbing bent to his writing, and I mean that in only the best way. If some people see the world through rose tinted glasses I imagine that Struges see through glasses tinted with dust from old attics and soot from old basements. And I hope he never cleans those glasses.


DC Comics

The hype and build up for this series has been big. And after reading this first issue I think I can safely say that this is the Legion story I’ve been waiting fro since I picked up my first Legion comic on a family vacation back in ’71. If you’ve ever enjoyed and legion of Superhero story you need to read this. Geoff Johns is letting his inner fanboy loose and George Perez is the ultimate enabler with his art. The sheer scope of this makes me giddy and the first issue did not disappoint.


DC Comics

This issue had some great battle scenes in it and the scale that is worthy of the League. But could I cast a vote for putting Amazo away for a while? As powerful as he is he always ends up getting beat in the end. I get that this is the nature of comics, but maybe a bigger gap between tales would make it more menacing when he does attack?
The rest of the issue was good, the team is meshing and working as a team should and the mystery of Animal man and Vixen is growing. I’m curious to see where it goes.


DC Comics

The scale of this book keeps getting bigger, which I think is only fitting for the oldest superhero team. Geoff Johns and Alex Ross have my head spinning from all the action and subplots building. They have taken a good team book and made it really great. Until about ten years ago it seemed as if writers were afraid to let the JSA be better than the JLA. They aren’t better, just different, but the writing here really pulls no punches and while I have always been a fan I’m really looking forward to each and every issue. In particular I’m really loving the Earth 2 stuff with Jerry Ordway. I can’t wait for the next one.


DC Comics

Gail Simone takes the rag tag group of bad guys off on another adventure. A few new players and a new reason for working together. What Simone does here that makes this idea work so well is that she infuses these characters with real personality and not just clichéd bad guy speak. She actually has me interested in what is going on with Catman, and that is an accomplishment!



I can’t believe this series is done. I’ve enjoyed every issue and I really hope these characters pop up again sometime. This issue finishes off the story arc nicely and leaves the team ready for more adventures.