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Reign In Hell – DC Comics

With all the changes going on in the DC universe it seems like perfect timing for a bit of a reboot to the magic characters. And most of the magic beings and supernatural character of DC universe make an appearance here.

Satanus and his sister,Lady Blaze decide ruling Purgatory is no longer enough and wage war in Hell against Neron. Both side enlist help and they all meet in Hell for a epic sized fight. Lilith recalls her kids to help the battle and because of the nature of magic events in Hell can reflect on the earth. Jason Blood is suddenly free of Etrigan, the Creeper is a complete madman loose below, and Blue Devil sees a chance to become human again. Zatanna and Dr. Fate along with the new Ibis and Sargon join in and even Lobo makes himself a player.

I quite enjoyed this tale and the back story (which eventually connected with the main story) of Dr. Thirteen searching for his companion Rose was really fun.

Giffin did a great job of re introducing these characters and I have an even larger respect for Zatanna now.

Tom Derenick did superb job with the art, I especially like his portrayal of purgatory. His view of Hell seemed powerful and yet endless and hopeless.

I liked this book a lot.