Renee James’ TRANSITION TO MURDER Reveiwed

Renee James
Magnus Books

Bloodlust drives a psychopathic sadist to murder his transgender lover. But the murderer doesn’t count on the outraged Bobbi Logan, his lover’s hairdresser, seeking the ultimate revenge…and Bobbi doesn’t count on the murderer being one of Chicago’s most high-powered attorneys. She soon discovers stalking and killing him isn’t easy—especially when she becomes his next target.

Renee James creates a raw and graphic tale of murder, lust, and betrayal that poignantly portrays how fear and ignorance twist the psyche. Lifelike yet surreal, Transition to Murder unmasks the darky, dirty secrets everyone hides and hopes no one finds. Each character is richly written with a unique voice and sharp dialog. Vivid imagery engrosses the reader, achieving a gripping story told by an urban professional navigating her way through transgender confusion. Not for the faint of heart, this powerful page turner holds you in its grip form the first word to the last.

Renee James is an award-winning author and journalist, as well as an editor, licensed cosmetologist, and Vietnam veteran. Parent and grandparent, she has been an active advocate in the Chicago transgender community for many years. Transition to Murder won the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year, Indie Fiction, and is Ms. James’s debut novel.

Ava Black