Review Archie: Volume 3

The time has come again, for the next volume, of Archie. It has been much anticipated due to the last volumes’ cliffhanger ending: with Veronica being dragged away from Riverdale after her father’s mayoral dreams were dashed. This edition comes with the next 5 issues in the Archie saga. Also the first issue of one of the newer titles from Archie comics, Reggie and Me, is placed in the back.

In the aftermath of Archie and Veronica’s separation; both feel a void left in the wake of the other. Veronica has been shipped off to Switzerland at an all girls school. Archie hangs out with Jughead but is still sad, while Veronica first encounters the star of the cover Cheryl Blossom. Their friendship blooms at first and then when Veronica sees her real colors. Let the rivalry begin.

Veronica comes out on top and a furious Cheryl and her brother with everything lost to Veronica, arrives in Riverdale with a mission. To destroy Veronica’s happiness at the source. That being Archie; poor guy. Though, just in time, Veronica is allowed to come back by her father, to save poor Archie from Cheryl’s clutches. Reunited at last, we will have to see where their story goes next time.

This trade keeps up the good streak with the previous two. There is a nice balance struck between the events in Switzerland and Riverdale. The story is fun and at times exciting. The contrast of Riverdale High and the Lycee Camembert aka Fancy land. Cheryl was a good character addition to the story and if the writers keep this level of quality up, this will be a very special comic run, just like the previous run.

Joe Eisma has now stepped into Veronica Fish’s big shoes and does a fantastic job filling them. All in all, this third piece of Archie’s new world does a good job of keeping things going and now suspense builds for Veronica’s sudden return, to Riverdale.