Review of Archie: the Crossover Collection

There have been many crossovers with the famed Archie and his gang; and many pop culture symbols, icons, and stars. From Sesame street to the Punisher, Archie’s gang has seen it all. This collection features, the Ramones, Michael Strahan, George Takei, Lady Gaga, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Each comic has its own character from Archie’s universe to focus on alongside their stars. The Archies team up with the Ramones to solve their rock and roll problems with a helping hand from Sabrina. Michael Strahan encourages Moose to break his idol’s record in football, his idol being Michael Strahan. In a clash of intellectual titans, Zuckerberg and Dilton, face off to make a better social app for the school. For Lady Gaga’s feature: she inspires Betty a little too much and as Lady Baba, Betty begins to challenge Gaga’s power and style. Finally, Kevin Keller teams up with George Takei to spread a positive message.

Each comic is fun in its own right and for any comic reader, it would be tough to not find an enjoyable story for them. The art by Gisele Lagace, Jeff Shultz, Dan Parent and Rich Koslowski are well done. This collection is overall a good time and makes for fun little story arcs.