Review of JUGHEAD, Vol II

Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North
March 14th, 2017
Archie Comic Publications

Almost 8 months have passed since the first collection of Jughead comic books, in the form of Jughead, Volume 1, came hot off the presses and now the time has come for the next installment.

The art may have changed but happily the man (or burger eating machine) portrayed has not. Jughead Jones has his summer spirit in full swing with his career of playing video games with Hot Dog, his trusty hound, at his side; that is, until his father tells him to actually do something. He goes off on a hiking trip with an even more girl crazy Archie which turns into a disaster. Afterward, life turns back to normal.

Then Sabrina the teenage witch arrives. Disguised as a giant foam burger outside Pop’s, Jughead gets a crush on the burger lady, not knowing who is inside. They eventually go on a date which reveals Sabrina. Typical of Jughead, he completely messes up the date which infuriates Sabrina.

Teens, anger, and terrifying magical abilities would sound like a bad idea and they are. Adventures ensue between the two and Jughead winds up changing Sabrina’s life for the better.

The trade is filled with magical goodness and plenty of wit. The credit goes to Chip Zdarsky and Ryan North on that part. The whole reboot has not just kept Archie on right the track but also his right hand man which is good to see for a comic, consistent good quality. This right hand man of Archie will be there till the end with the way this run is going.

The art done by Derek Charm is well done, good looking and captures the characters well. The front of the trade is a particularly cool piece. All in all this Jughead trade keeps the good time rolling.

Conor Carroll