DC Comics

This new, updated version of the beloved team of mystery solvers is put together by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis with art by Howard Porter. The talent here shows they are taking it serious.
And serious it is, the world could be ending!

In this updated version, Daphne and Fred are pals from college. And while they are great friends, Daphne keeps reminding Fred that’s all it is. Daphne, a former big time TV reporter, now has her own show looking into mysteries that runs on The Knitting Channel with Fred as her cameraman. Velma and Shaggy work for a secret lab that has plans to change the world. Plans that include releasing nanorobots in order to change people by channeling out aggression, greed and other bad traits.

And of course, something goes wrong.

The tale opens with Shaggy and Scooby at Burning Man, eating of course. Scooby is an experiment to weaponize dogs that didn’t work. Scooby just isn’t aggressive like that. Daphne and Fred are there to meet a source who is going to blow the whistle on what the lab is really doing. The whistle blower is, of course, Velma.

The whole crew ends up in an underground bunker where the lab is to discover that everyone has been turned into monsters. Bad ass human eating monsters.

They escape in a prototype vehicle. The professor who designed it called it the Mystery Mobile. Monster fighting ensues.

I grew up watching the original and while I am nostalgic about it, the early cartoon don’t hold up for me as an adult, though I do like the new movies. As a long time fan I was not sure if I would appreciate what they were doing here or not. Turns out I love it! The characters have depth and are interesting. And, of course, Scooby is awesome. There are a lot of really nice winks to the readers who watched the cartoons. And even if you never saw any of them I think you’ll love this.