Review of Reed Farrel Coleman’s WHAT YOU BREAK

Reed Farrel Coleman
February 7, 2017
Penguin/Random House

I’ve been looking forward to reading the continuation to the Gus Murphy story with great anticipation. Author Reed Farrel Coleman has the ability to mentally transport readers to where events in his books take place. He is very descriptive and detail oriented.

Once I started the adventure through Long Island with Gus in WHERE IT HURTS, I couldn’t wait to do it again. WHAT YOU BREAK did not disappoint. Gus is a great character many readers will relate to on different levels. He is dealing with a lot of the same emotions in life that in some way, each and every one of us does as well.

Gus Murphy is an ex-cop, whose life has not been the same since his son unexpectedly passed away. As he continues to adjust to the way his life is now Gus is introduced, by his pal and ex-priest Bill Kilkenny, to the grandfather of a girl who was brutally murdered. Her killer is in custody, but the motive is still unknown. Even though Gus can sense there is something more to the reason behind the grandfather’s curiosity, he agrees to look into things.  Gus knows how it feels to not have the answer to his own, “why?”.  Meanwhile, as he begins his research, he continues working at the Paragon Hotel as a courtesy van driver. He brings in a new guest who not only brought his luggage but also secrets from Gus’ friend/co-worker Slava’s past that puts numerous lives at stake.

With the book coming out in February if you haven’t read the first Gus Murphy book I recommend you do so soon so you will be ready for its release. And if you don’t have a book by Reed Farrel Coleman, I recommend you go get one. He has plenty to choose from whether you are a fan of series or standalone novels. I’ve enjoyed reading his “Gulliver Dowd” and “Moe Prager” series or one of his standalone books like GUN CHURCH.

Rebekah (Becki) Young