Review: OUT OF THE BLACK by John Rector


Thomas and Mercer

This book called to me, a very nice simple cover that got my attention. The title also made me curious. Upon opening I see this first line:
“In the dream, I do everything right”
At this point I’m on board. What did he do wrong? How bad is it? Will he fix it?
This book gave me three reasons to pick up and read. From there on John Rector’s writing gave me all the reason I needed to keep flipping pages.
Matt Caine is a single Dad, his wife having died in a car accident, things are rough for the Marine who serve in the middle east and he is having trouble finding work. Money is owed to some local tough guys who are not very forgiving of missed debt payments despite his past history with them. His in laws are sending legal documents and lawyers at him trying to get his daughter. Despite all this he does not want to take on a job with an old buddy named Jay driving a getaway car, at least at first. As these things do, mistakes are made, things go wrong and Matt’s life is upside down before he knows what hit him.
And now the fun starts as Matt does what he has to do to get back what’s his, damn the consequences.
Fast paced with a protagonist you can’t help but like OUT OF THE BLACK is a terrific read and I ran through it in under three hours, though the story stayed with me for longer, rolling around in my head and replaying itself like a memory, re3hashing it like it was a story told directly to me.
Rector is one of the reasons I love to read and as long as we have new authors like him I should never run out of books.
Jon Jordan