Comic reviews from my recliner

This week has been hot, humid and long. Last weekend threw off my sleep patterns something awful so I’ve spent the last week on my butt reading and watching DVDs, mainly Smallville, Heroes and Dexter. (all of them are wonderful) Here’s what I enjoyed this week.

The Boys #10
Dynamite Comics

One of my new favorite titles from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. #10 wraps up the latest arc as they find the killer of Stephen Rubinstien and a form of justice is done. I love the ending and that it feels rather poetic and sad at the same time. Wee Hughie is getting more comfortable with his role in the group, but we’ll see how long that lasts as they head off for Russia in the next issue.
The idea of superheroes being deconstructed and examined in a different light isn’t a new idea any more, by Ennis take sit to a new level and really puts a hell of a spin to it. This is a do not miss comic.

Bump #4
Fangoria Comics

Written and drawn by Mark Kidwell Bump is everything a horror movie or comic should be. The story is a great blend of classic psycho/slasher killer and suspense. Kidwell has wonderful pacing and I love the art, nobody does rain as well and he really sets the mood. In a genre that sees so many imitators and wannabes this is truly original. Thanks for giving me some nightmares Mark.I want more.

Captain America: The Chosen #1
Marvel Comics

David Morrell is one of my favorite authors, aside form the fact that First Blood was one of the first novels I picked out to read on my own his latest tow, Creepers and Scavengers are both first class action thrillers. It didn’t take a real leap for me to see that he is perfect to write Captain America.
The first issue builds really nicely and the art is perfect. It has a heroic feel to it and also very timely with world events. I can’t wait for #2.

Detective Comics #836
DC Comics

The new improved Scarecrow’s story arc wraps up after he scares the crap out of almost everyone. After this he is going to be more formidable and harder to deal with. This was wonderfully moody and dark and the way Batman stories should be.

Doktor Sleepless #2

Warren Ellis playing around in the near future issue 2 gives us a little more insight into who the good Doktor might really be. Full of snarky humor and cynical look at the apathetic way we love this is great fun. I rally can’t wait till I can sit down and reread 12 or more issues back to back. Hip and irreverent, distrustful and hopeful all at the same time. Doktor Sleepless id good for what ails you.
And they have really cool Doktor Sleepless Tshirts

The Exiles #98
Marvel Comics

I loved this title since I first picked it up, but lately it feels a bit drawn out and a little tired. Maybe it reads better as a trade? I’m not ready to give it up yet, Claremont has Kitty Pryde on deck and the end of this issue looks ready to set up a really fun story arc. The wrap up to the Dr. Doom led fantastic four and the world he rules with them was a bit drawn out, but there is some fun stuff in here.

Infinity Inc. #1

DC Comics

I really enjoyed the first run of this book back in the ‘80s and the first couple years were great, especially with Ordway involved. When I saw the name was brought back in 52 I was angry because of the context in which it was used, which was the point. Now it looks like Steel is going to revise the name and the group and redeem it. Interesting start as the former Everyman project heroes are all in therapy and wacked out. This could be really good.

Madame Mirage #2

Top Cow

Paul Dini is obviously having fun writing this, and I’m having fun reading it. He’s already laying great ground work for a terrific on going series. We see a bit more of what MM can do and she really does remind me a lot of The Shadow. A nice blend of classic noir with today’s sensibilities. I also love the artwork by Kenneth Rocafort. More please.

Outsiders #50

DC Comics

Batman has his team back and the first mission is underway. Grace is pissed at batman, Batman is mad at Amanda Waller, and a couple people not picked for the team decide to join in on the fun anyway. Great action scenes in here and while the team works well together it’s not cozy like the JLA.Next up, Batman and The Outsiders #1, and I can’t wait.

Wolverine #57
Marvel Comics

Another zombie cover. Why? I don’t really know. Sure is cool though.
I’ve been reading every issue for over a year now but I’m a bit lost as far as the story is concerned. Maybe I’m missing something from another issue or another comic, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a start of a whole new story arc, but it feels like I walked into the middle of a movie with subtitles.
On the other hand, the artwork from Howard Chaykin rocks. Don’t even worry about the story, buy this because it’s beautiful.

I also have another stack of trades to finish and I’ll get a review of those up soon.