Richard Morgan’s ALTERED CARBON gets screenwriter.

A while back, I was in ONCE UPON A CRIME and was looking for something new. Mr. Gary suggested Richard Morgan’s ALTERED CARBON and it turned out to be one of the best suggestions in years.

AC takes place in future where our consciousness can be stored in memory sticks and implanted into the spine of a different bodies. Takeshi Kovacs is a trained soldier turned criminal. He is loaded into the body of a disgraced cop. This is done so at the request of a very wealthy and influential man that wants to hire TK to solve a murder…his own.

According to Variety, Mythology Entertainment has acquired the rights and Laeta Kalogridis, a partner at Mythology, and David Goodman will adapt. Kalogridis’ stock is fairly high after her acclaimed screenplay for SHUTTER ISLAND. Goodman has worked on FUTURAMA, TEAM KNIGHT RIDER and FAMILY GUY….yeah, this seems like an odd choice. Kalogridis will also produce.

AC is vintage hard-boiled as well as damn fine science fiction. It does what good sci-fi should do: use the unlimited potential of the future to create a backdrop for a story about humanity.