Ritchie comments on upcoming Sherlock Holmes project.

Director Guy Ritchie recently talked to USA Today and gave some comments regarding his upcoming Sherlock Holmes film.

There are plans for a love interest based on Irene Alder

Casting should be done in the next six weeks.

Ritchie’s thoughts on Sasha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes project: “They don’t even have a script yet. We are way ahead.”

As previously mentioned, it will focus on Holmes’ physical skills as well as his mental abilities.

Ritchie describes the project as “a very big production, visceral and intellectual.”

On Robert Downey jr.’s English accent: “It’s flawless.”

Personally, I am of mixed thoughts on this. If done right, it could be something special. I just pray we don’t end up with the Sherlock Holmes version of Van Helsing.