Robert B. Parker’s Appaloosa has leads and director.

Four time Oscar nominee Ed Harris is bringing Robert B. Parker’s western drama Appaloosa to the big screen.

Harris will be staring and directing, as well as having co-written the script. Oh yeah, he will also be a producer on the film.

Appaloosa is about two friends that have been hired to protect a town from a ruthless rancher. Things get more complicated when a lovely widow arrives in town.

Starring opposite Harris will be Vigio Mortenson (Lord of the Rings). Mortenson and Harris previously worked together on A History of Violence.

Playing the widow will be Renee Zellweger (Cold Mountain, Jerry McGuire).

Robert Parker is happy with script, he told the Boston Globe that “”It’s splendid… I would not have made a change.”

Filming will start in October of this year.