Ron Howard joining Hollywood’s Ludlum love-fest.

Wow, the works of Robert Ludlum are all over Hollywood these days.

Frank Marshall and co are working on developing a fourth Bourne film, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and David Cronenberg are doing THE MATARESE CIRCLE and Jose Padilha is working on THE SIGMA PROTOCOL.

Now word comes that Ron Howard (Da Vinci Code, APOLLO 13) has agreed to direct THE PARSIFAL MOSAIC.

Michael Havelock’s world died on a moonlit beach on the Costa Brava.
He watched as his partner and lover, Jenna Karats, double agent, was efficiently gunned down by his own agency. There was nothing left for him but to quit the game, get out. Until, in one frantic moment on a crowded railroad platform in Rome, Havelock saw his Jenna alive. From then on, he was marked for death by both U.S. and Russian assassins, racing around the globe after his beautiful betrayer, trapped in a massive mosaic of treachery created by a top-level mole with the world in his fist–Parsifal.

David Self will be writing the screenplay. Self is currently working on the ROBOCOP remake and previously did a bang up job on Max Allen Collin’s ROAD TO PERDITION.