Ross Katz to direct film of David Morrell’s THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE.

Many moons ago (Four years), I wrote about plans to make a film of David Morrell’s nifty novel THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE ROSE. At the time, Adam Cozad was handling writing duties for Warner Brothers.

Things have changed: Ross Katz is slated to write and direct for Golden Circle films. Katz is best known as a producer of Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. He did write/direct Taking Chance, the 2009 HBO telefilm based on the true experiences of Lt. Col. Michael Strobl. TC garnered praise and was nominated for Golden Globes and Emmy awards.

TBotR tells the story of about a pair of orphans raised by a CIA operative. The Operative trains them to be assassins.  Since this is a novel, there has to be conflict. In this case, the pair of hunters become the hunted.

The Brotherhood of the Rose was made into a television mini-series, for NBC, in 1989. It started Robert Mitchum, Connie Sellecca and Peter Strauss.