Rucka’s QUEEN & COUNTRY snags hot screenwriter.

With one of his titles coming to the big screen shortly (WHITEOUT) writer Greg Rucka may now have a second title going through the Hollywood machinery.

THR has posted that Ryan Condal has been hired to adapt Rucka’s excellent graphic novel series for FOX. Condal will actually be reworking a previous screenplay (by John Miller).

While Condal has not had a project hit the silver screen yet, he is a hot commodity in Hollywood right now. Last year, he had a project land on the BLACK LIST. The BL comes from 250+ studio execs that offer up their top ten screenplays that are not en route to the theaters. Getting on the list can be a pretty big deal. It certainly has gotten Condal’s name into the ears of the studio bigwigs.

Q&C is about Tara Chance, a British operative that is now on the run after a high-profile assassination in Eastern Europe.

I really enjoyed the two Q&C series I read, as well as a novel with Tara. No word on who would play Tara, but Nichole Kidman was once attached…yuck.