Russel McLean Celebrates the Release of FATHER CONFESSOR

Are you a fan of P.I. novels? Have you read Russel McLean? If not, why the hell not? The answer is likely that you are not familiar with his work. Russell is a Scottish writer and when most think of the U.K., they think of police procedurals and psychological thrillers. If so, your ignorance has caused you to miss some damn good novels!

DC Ernie Bright is dead. A good cop gone bad? Not everyone believes that one of Tayside Constabulary’s longest serving detectives was leading a double life. One of those looking to vindicate the dead copper is Bright’s protege, private investigator J McNee, who has his own reasons for trying to prove Bright’s innocence. But as the evidence piles up and McNee makes enemies on both sides of the law, he finds that justice and the law are not always the same, and that good people can make bad decisions. Dark, violent and psychologically gripping, the third in the critically acclaimed J McNee series will change the Dundee detective’s world forever.

FATHER CONFESSOR is the third in the J McNee series. McNee is a former cop that now makes a living as a private investigator. Despite no longer being a cop, J (nobody calls him J) has maintained a connection to the force. He has a conflicted relationship with his former mentor, Ernie Bright, and now has a personal, and rather complex, relationship with said mentor’s daughter, a well respected police officer.

So on September 4th, Russel launched the release of FATHER CONFESSOR at Waterstones Dundee. In addition to adoring fans of Russel, the event was attended by the crime authors Jay Stringer and Allan Guthrie, James Oswald as well as non-mystery author Claire Marie Watson,  Lesley McDowell and  Zoe Venditozzi also stopped by…rumor has it Russel owes them money.

FATHER CONFESSOR is a hell of a good novel and maintains the high level of quality Russel has set with the previous novels. It is not currently available in the U.S. but is worth importing. The series is smart, dark and has just a touch of humor. Fans of gritty P.I. novels won’t want to miss it.

At this time, Russel has a few dates lined up in the U.K., if any of these are near you, get your daft arse to see him! If you have a chance to chat with Russel, ask him for is thoughts on thespian Mel Gibson.

September 13 – Waterstones, Dunfermline, 6pm in store. Tickets free available from Waterstones, Dunfermline.

September 15 – Bloody Scotland Festival, Stirling, “The Private Detectives” with Craig Russell and Gordon Ferris, chaired by Len Wanner. £7/£6 – more details available from Bloody Scotland Website

October 4 – Cupar Library, Cupar, Fife, with Michael J Malone