Ruthless by John Rector Reviewed

John Rector
Thomas and Mercer

A lot of people think they would do ok in a fight, they see fights and figure “I could take that”. The truth is most people don’t get in fights so they don’t know. One hit to the face or a good blow to the stomach that knocks the wind out and they are done. It’s similar when picking up a book sometimes. “I know what to expect, I know what’s coming”.

Well RUTHLESS by John Rector is that punch to the gut you didn’t expect.

Nick White is a man who tends to let actions speak louder than his words. Nick is minding his own business when a woman he has never met mistakes him for someone else. He is handed an envelope and the woman splits. The contents of the envelope help him uncover a plot that would end up with Abigail Pierce killed . This of course brings trouble. Nick will have to use all his skills to keep himself and those he cares about safe while uncovering the plot to have Abigail killed and who is behind it.

Rector does an amazing job building suspense and you can feel the tension building in the story almost like a muscle in your back. If Hitchcock was alive I would imagine he would want to make this movie. Another great book from a great author.

Jon Jordan