Sakey’s Good People optioned (with comments from Sakey and screenwriter Kelly Masterson.

Marsus Sakey is a popular fellow in Hollywood these days. Not only has his The Blade Itself been optioned, but his latest, Good People has as well.

Actor Tobey Maguire(Spiderman, Pleasantville)’s Maguire Entertainment and Film 360 have acquired the film rights to GP.

A family, and the security to enjoy it: that’s all Tom and Anna Reed ever wanted. But years of infertility treatments, including four failed attempts at in vitro fertilization, have left them with neither. The emotional and financial costs are straining their marriage and endangering their dreams.

Then one night everything changes. Offered a chance at a future they’d almost lost hope in, they seize it. One simple choice. A fairy tale ending.

But Tom and Anna soon realize that fairy tales never come cheap. Because their decision puts them square in the path of ruthless men. Men who’ve been double-crossed, and who won’t stop until they get revenge.

No matter where they find it.
Screenwriter/playwright Kelly Masterson has signed on to adapt the novel. Masterson previously wrote the screenplay for Sidney Lumet’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.

I asked Marcus for his thoughts on the selection of Kelly for Good People:
“I think Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead was one of the most interesting crime films of the last few years, and I absolutely love the way Kelly handles character development and dialogue. I couldn’t be happier to have him handling GOOD PEOPLE.”
Kelly was just as kind when asked about Marcus and the book:
“Good People is tense, compelling story about two good people who make very bad decisions and must pay the consequences. Tom and Anna are Everyman (and Everywoman) who make very human, flawed choices and we keep rooting for them to come to their senses and pull out of their tailspin. The villains are big, frightening and fascinating. The story grabs you, pulls you along and never, ever lets up. Marcus is a wonderful story teller and has a great, nuanced understanding of the human spirit in its strengths and frailties. He is remarkably gifted.”