Sarah posts links, me? I’ll vent a bit..

Ok, I’m putting together Crimespree #5. Working away, loving Microsoft Publisher.
I get to a feature that includes all the Edgar nominees. Cool.

Uh oh…. The fiction titles are all nice and short, but the non-fiction stuff …. Some of the titles run three damn lines!!! What the Hell?

And why is it Harper Collin’s doesn’t add Harper Collins to all their imprint’s, but St. Martin’s has to add it in front of Minotaur?

I Hate Cell Phone Ads. A lot.
Parents? Are you sick of your kids going over their minutes?
No, Because I pay their bills, they don’t get their own damn phone. Why on earth would they be on the phone that much? Let ’em read a book!

Kid’s tired of your parents hassling you about going over your minutes? Then get a job and get your own damn phone!

Bill Maher’s show, guests were a democrat senator, and Robin Williams. Both informed and pretty damn smart. And then there’s guest #3, Tommy Thompson, late of the Bush administration and former Wisconsin governor. What a dolt. The only things he had to contribute wee quotes from George W.
He was like a damn puppet, except I didn’t see a hand up his ass.

They mention the war and all he can say is some blah, blah, blah about our troops doing a great job. No matter what is said he mentions how terrific and brave they are. Ok we get it Tommy, now how about a fucking answer to the question dumbass!

Don Cheadle came out. He’s great, smart and polite.

And they brought up the Gay Men’s Website magnate who has a press pass from the secret service. Used a fake name and no one caught it……. I want to know who is getting the secret servicing….

Reality Television…. Enough already. You want good TV? Put me in a room with four of these morons who produce this crap and give me a bat. Television worth watching, I guarantee!

TV weathermen get way to excite. Do I need my shows interrupted to let me know there is thunder? I don’t, Doppler this weather boy, think so…

Other than that… I had a pretty nice weekend!