Scott Caan joins new HAWAII FIVE-O

Book ’em Danno! Most of us (ok, most of us of a certain age) know that phrase, even if we did not regularly watch HAWAII FIVE-O.

Now the new FIVE-O has it’s Danno: Scott Caan.

Detective Danny “Danno” Williams A veteran cop from the Baltimore P.D., he has recently undergone an acrimonious divorce and has transferred to Hawaii to be near his 7 year old daughter. A real “working man in paradise,” he’s the “only guy on the island without a tan and always looks like he slept in his clothes.” Gruff and driven, with plenty of raw courage and a 24/7 work ethic, Danno has already alienated the laid-back native Hawaiians in his department, and when McGarrett swoops in and takes over his present murder investigation, he’s resentful, to say the least. Forced to partner with McGarrett, Danno is initially leery of their association — but as he grows more familiar with his maverick new boss, he begins to appreciate the opportunity to work with McGarrett. And indeed, he quickly becomes an indispensable member of McGarrett’s elite team, not to mention McGarrett’s trusted associate and friend.

Caan is best known as Turk Malloy (bickering brother of Casey Affleck) in the Ocean’s movies.

He joins Taryn Manning(Mary Ann McGarrett), Alex O’Loughlin (Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett), Grace Parks (Kono Kalakaua) and Daniel Dae Kim(Detective Chin Ho Kelly).

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