Screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan talks about White Jazz.

Preproduction is underway on the film version of James Elroy’s White Jazz. It will star Oscar winner George Clooney and be directed by Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin’ Aces)Matthew Michael Carnahan, Joe’s brother, wrote the screenplay.

Matthew recently spoke with Ropes of Silicon about White Jazz.
Here is what Matthew said about the look of the film:
MC: Just looking at his work as a template I would say it is going to be a lot closer to Narc in terms of its pacing and even its look. When you think of the 1950s L.A. you think of the Gilded Age, bright colors, big beautiful aero dynamic cars and I think Joe wants to turn that on its ear a little bit the same way Ellroy, in his story, has turned that on its ear just visually.

He also talks about his appreciation for Elroy’s writings, amoung other things.
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