Screenwriter Peter Landesman attached to Ross MacDonald’s THE GALTON CASE.

Ross MacDonald’s Lew Archer, one of the most iconic characters in the P.I. genre, just took a major step towards the big screen.

Deadline is reporting that New York Times Magazine’s Peter Landesman will be adapting MacDonald’s THE GALTON CASE. Landesman, in addition to his investigative work for the Times magazine, has written a few screenplays with THE MISSION being closest to production.

THE GALTON CASE was the eighth novel to feature Archer and was published in 1958:
Rich boy Anthony Galton had dropped out of sight more than twenty years ago. To Lew Archer that meant the man was either dead or didn’t want to be found. But Tony’s nice old mother had a dream that her son would still come home before she died. So Archer took on the case hoping that Tony and Mom could live happily ever after… until he discovered that once upon a time there was a clever swindle, a scared blonde, and a very nasty murder.

Joel Silver is producing, for his Silver Productions, along with Random House Films. Silver has produced over seventy films, including good (48 HOURS, KISS KISS BANG BANG, THE MATRIX) and bad (THE LOSERS, FAIR GAME, SWORDFISH).

Archer previously hit Hollywood as Lew Harper, played by Paul Newman, in HARPER (1966) and LEW HARPER (1975).