Season 2 of Burn Notice starts on July 10th, and will feature a cylon.

Season two of Burn Notice will premiere on July 10th, on USA, at 10pm/9pm cst.

Everyone from season one will be back, but with a least one new face.

As was reported by TV Guide, Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer( Number Six on BG)) has signed on to play Michael’s new handler Carla. She is described as “Michael’s sleek, sexy and lethal handler, who often comes across as unaffected and slightly amused by him. Since Carla is his only link to those that burned him, and because he wants to protect those close to him, Michael agrees to work for her.

I must confess that after recently rewatching season one, I am counting the days until season two starts.
Season one of Burn Notice debuts on DVD on June 17th. If you unfamiliar with the show, treat yourself to season one so you are ready for season two.